Regulamento do Meeting para Participantes



1) Physical and psychological conditions necessary to participate in the event:

The organization alerts all participants to the importance of having the physical and psychological conditions and good technique necessary to participate in the event Meeting Canyoning Madeira.The event is public and open to all who wish to participate (subject to compliance with all requirements in this regulation). However, the organization is not responsible for the participants lack of physical, psychological and technique preparation for the challenge they are proposing.

The organization recalls that participation should be consciously considered taking into account the following aspects:

  • Physical and psychological preparation of each participant;
  • Technical preparation for progression in canyoning with the characteristics of Madeira;
  • You must be accompanied by the respective equipment for the canyoning activity

2) Organization’s responsibilities towards athletes:

The registered participants accept to participate voluntarily and under their own responsibility in the event Meeting Canyoning Madeira. Consequently, they agree not to complain or make any demands to the organization, its collaborators, the authorities, its sponsors and other participants of any responsibility towards them and their heirs, in everything that exceeds the coverage of their responsibilities, that of their collaborators and participants

3) Enrolment duly formalized and regularized:

Regularized registration means all registrations that have been duly made on the online form on the official website of the event ( and also paid for using the payment methods available on that website. All participants who have properly completed their registration and regularized the corresponding payment must receive an email from the organization to confirm their registration successfully.
If the participant has not received confirmation / communication of his registration via e-mail after the payment of his registration, he must contact the organization.
The participant can only participate in the event upon payment and delivery to the organization the proof of payment by email (
The participant is solely responsible for entering the data necessary to formalize his registration.
The organization is not responsible for the incorrect filling in of the registration form, as well as for the veracity of the data submitted by the participants before the insurers or with other entities.

4) Payment terms:

From the moment your registration is complete, you going to receive an email with bank details;
Bank transfer is the only payment method. Payment proof needs to be sent in 48 hours’ time after you get payment information email.

5) Cancellation Policy:

Any and all participants can cancel their registration until April 15, 2022, being refunded 100%;

From the moment your registration is complete and confirmed, we do not accept cancelations or make any type of refunds except on one of the situations below:

  • If the event doesn’t happen due to COVID19 limitations of any order placed by our country (health, flights, group gatherings, etc.) you’ll be fully refunded via bank transfer if the cancelation was before of 15th ofApril 2022 or you can post-pone your entry for a future edition.
  • If the event happens and you have travel restrictions due to COVID19 from your country (forced quarantine or lock-down on departure) you can postpone your entry for a future edition or get 75% refund of the entry fee if the cancelation was after of 15th April 2022.  Organizers may request a document to proof the restrictions imposed by your country.
  • If you are injury, you can postpone your entry for a future edition or cancel your registration and you are 75% refunded, presenting credited medical justification, after 15th of April 2021;
  • We strongly advise you to purchase travel insurance where you can include your expenses in case you cannot attend the event. For example, if you have a crash before the event, you will be able to get a refund via your insurance. We will provide an invoice to confirm your payment and you can postpone your entry for a future edition or get 75% refund of the entry fee.
  • You are responsible for assuming all extra payments from your bank, including exchange rates and bank processing fees;

6) Secretarial and Check-in:
Check-in is located at the headquarters of Clube Naval do Seixal.

To check-in each athlete must:

  • Present the Identification Document with photograph;
  • Present the insurance policy;
  • Have to deliver  Term of Responsibility duly completed and signed;
  • Comply with all the requirements demanded by IASaúde with regard to the prevention of COVID-19;

 7) Formalization of the registration implies that every athlete

  • When registering for the event, you declare that you are physically fit and aware of the risks inherent in the practice of the activity;
  • You agree to respect this regulation;
  • Agree to respect all elements of the organization and their indications;
  • Declares to fulfil all the requirements and requirements requested for participation in the event;
  • Commits to promote ethics and good coexistence not only with other participants but also with all participants in the event;
  • Declares to respect the instructions of the medical and emergency teams, and of members of the organization. In case of disrespect, the consequences of such disrespect will be under your sole responsibility.
  • You agree to be excluded from the present event or banned from any future event organized by the present organization, without any refund or compensation, in the event of disrespect in public or in private with the participants or organization or partners;
  • After the registration has been completed and regularized, you will not be able to contest this regulation.

8) Protection of personal data:

  • The organization will use the data of the participants for the purpose of carrying out the event itself at different times and before third parties that we now enumerate:
  • Insurer (s) – Listings with name, date of birth, CC and / or TIN identification number;
  • Publication of Subscribers’ listings (official website of the event);
  • Any participant can exercise their right to access, rectify or cancel their personal data, by sending an email to ;
  • Data may also be shared with public health and safety entities.

9) Image Rights:
The participant waives his / her image rights during the event and waives the right to complain about the use of his / her image either by the organization or by the official partners of the event. Only the organization can pass this image right to the Media via an adapted accreditation or license.
The organizer reserves the exclusive right to exploit the image and audio-visual, photographic and journalistic content of the event. Any project or advertising media produced for publication must obtain prior authorization from the organization.
Only the organization can grant accreditation to journalists, photographers and audio-visuals, to access places of restricted access.
It is mandatory to use the technical and advertising material provided by the organization, being explicitly prohibited from modifying, folding or hiding the advertising material, which does so will be subject to a penalty.

10) Organization Contacts
Official Contacts of the Meeting Canyoning Madeira 22 event:
Phone number: (+351) 966029426

Seixal, Fevereiro 01, 2022